I started to implement unicodedata module. And I have just done some

investigation on that.

In  Python, it is written in C. It has a unicodename_db.h which contains

entire Unicode info which had taken from the UnicodeData.txt

from ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/3.0-Update/UnicodeData-3.0.0.txt.

and unicodename_db.h is a generated file from the Tools/makeunicodedata.py.

In Java,  I have seen two classes Character and a static class

Character.UnicodeBlock where we can get the Unicode values. But I think those

mayl not be useful to write the module properly.

Please tell me how to proceed to implement the Unicodedata module.

My question is :

Shall I follow the same design as CPython does or

Does java itself support  to map unicode data values, if so, how can I make use

of that?