Hello Jython Dev list,

I'm newbie in jython and I would to know if I can I use some python GIS library in my java project with Jython ?

My problem is how to use some ".py" file in my java application,I tried jythonc --core --deep --jar appletdemo.jar *.py
in console but I have this error :

./jpywork/socket.java:737: as of release 1.4, 'assert' is a keyword, and may not be used as an identifier
(use -source 1.3 or lower to use 'assert' as an identifier)
            if (frame.getglobal("__debug__").__nonzero__()) Py.assert(frame.getlocal(0).__getattr__("sock"));

my python library is here : http://svn.featureserver.org/trunk/vectorformats/vectorformats/Formats/KML.py

Thank you in advance.