Thanks for the info. I noticed the comments on that commit after I sent my mail yesterday and according to that it sure looks as though generators would work. Can anyone other than me just check and see if they have the same problem using generators (by default) in the 2.3 branch?

I'll have a closer look at the codebase and see if I can figure out what's wrong. This will probably give me a good introduction to the code :-)

Does anyone have a good grasp of what is missing for 2.3 compatibility (probably a lot)? It would be great if we could start compiling a list of things to do for 2.3 (until a good issue tracker is in place... Trac, Trac ;-)).

Oh, and if it wasn't clear in my last mail I've started work on "itertools". I haven't seen any indication that somone is working on it already... or?