I had the exact same problem a couple of days ago. My build is a bit more involved and I didn't want to chance having more problems with Maven, so I switched to Gradle (Groovy on top of Ant/Ivy/Maven). It works well so far. I have my work in progress currently at github [1] (can be browsed). But I don't know If you can use a different build system...

Also, a couple of hours ago, I spoke with some people on the committer team, and they are looking into pushing the milestone artifacts into MavenCentral again directly from their build (presumably under org.python.jython).

Does that help? Do you just need dependency resolution with 2.5 or do you need more (a plugin)?


[1] http://gist.github.com/117570

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 2:41 PM, <hardskinone@autistici.org> wrote:

 does someone use Maven2 with Jython 2.5(rcX)? An available[0] Maven2
plugin still require jython 2.2 to works well.


[0] http://dev.servprise.com/maven-jython-plugin/

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