Hi Ben,

Thanks for the response. I suppose I had an older distribution of Jython 2.1. I downloaded Jython 2.1 again and now this seems to be fine. One question. How can I have Jython load jar files? I tried setting java.class.path property using System.setProperty(), but that doesn't seem to do the trick. Appreciate any feedback you can provide.


Ben Burton wrote:

There appear to be several py files (others?) missing from the Jython 
2.1 distribution (e.g glob.py, UserDict.py).

You're not using the debian packages are you?  The debian jython package
does not ship with these files; instead it recommends python2.1 which
supplies these files instead.

On a debian system, recommended packages should be installed in all but
very unusual situations.  If you use a package manager like dselect,
this installation of recommended packages will be automatically
enforced.  The command-line tool apt-get (which does not enforce
recommendations) is not meant to be an end-user tool, and so if you're
using apt-get I would strongly suggest using a more fully-featured
package manager (e.g., dselect or aptitude) instead.