Here is a variation on the method described below. It assumes that you have the python code that defines your methods stored in a Sting. This allows you to retrieve the function definitions  from a database, resource, hardcoded string, etc.

       static final  String code = "def helloWorld():\n   print 'Hello World\n'";   // example using a hardcoded string


       interp_ = new InteractiveConsole();
       code = code.trim();
        StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer
            (code, System.getProperty("line.separator"));
        while (st.hasMoreTokens())
            String lineOfCode = st.nextToken();



- I would also like to expose some python functions into the global
namespace of any executed python script. These functions are actually
implemented in Java and provide some app-specific functionality to the
python environment.

I'm not one of the 'experts', but this is how I do it and it seems to work=
fine; just 'execfile' the file with the functions:

InputStream functionFileStream =3D FileIO.FindFileOrStream(=
functionListName, dataPath, "functions", debugLevel);
python.execfile( functionFileStream, functionListName); // pass the name=
for parsing errors

This way the names are scoped into the top level.

(My 'FindFileOrStream' finds the function file in a file or jar in the=
'dataPath'. I have a list of functions files in an XML configuration=

- Jim

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