if Py.jgetattr and Py.tojava are both deprecated methods, why does jythonc use them then complain that it's using deprecated methods? is there away around this?
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can someone help with this?  i'm getting two deprecation warnings on this file but know how to get rid of them... thanks,
import java
import x
class Foo(java.lang.Object):
    def foo(self, x_config, mgr):
'@sig public String foo(String x_config, com.company.abc.Manager mgr)'
        f = x.X(x_config)
        return f.remainder()
    [javac]  warning: jgetattr(org.python.core.PyProxy,java.lang.String) in org.python.core.Py has been deprecated
    [javac]         PyObject inst = Py.jgetattr(this, "foo");
    [javac]                           ^
    [javac] warning: tojava(org.python.core.PyObject,java.lang.Class) in org.python.core.Py has been deprecated
    [javac]         return (java.lang.String)Py.tojava(inst._jcall(new Object[] {x_config, mgr}), java.lang.String.class);
    [javac]                                    ^
    [javac] 2 warnings