OK, thanks.

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Subject: RE: Network folder in Python.path in registry (Linux)

As you noticed, you can't use a path in the form of //server/folder, Linux just gets rid of the extra slash in front.


You need to "mount" your smb folder on a path on your Linux machine. Research the "mount" and/or "smbmount" commands.


David H




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Subject: [Jython-users] Network folder in Python.path in registry (Linux)


I have just installed Jython on Linux, and I am trying to configure my path to my source, which is a networked repository, e.g.: smb://server/folder


So I have added the line

python.path = //server/folder

to my registry file, but I can't import any of my files, and if I print sys.path I get:


['', '/home/user/jython/Lib', '/server/folder', '__classpath__']


(I manage this fine in windows by mapping to a letter).


Any ideas for me?