I just installed 2.2rc3 and when I run the following code:
from java import awt
class ActionListener(awt.event.ActionListener):
    """a regular action listener"""
    def __init__(self, callback):
        self.callback = callback
    def actionPerformed(self, event):
I get
AttributeError: java package 'java.awt' has no attribute 'event'
from javax import swing
class JyFileChooser(swing.JFileChooser):
    CSV_FILTER = swing.filechooser.FileNameExtensionFilter("Comma Separated Values", ["csv"])
java package 'javax.swing' has no attribute 'filechooser'
I have seen this before - but only when attempting to run my project from within Eclipse (which uses 2.1). I have not seen this prior to 2.2rc3 when running from the shell. I know I can fix this using:
from java.awt import event
etc, but I'm wondering why it worked for me before but not now.