I have been asked to maintain some java code that was developed on top of Jython 2.1. When testing existing code against Jython 2.5.1 I've noticed that the PyJavaClass class is no longer present in the Jython API and therefore get a compilation error. Has it been replaced with another class? I tried to find one but with no success. More explicitly, I would like to check if an object in the jython name space is a representation of a Java class object. Consider the following code:

public static final Condition IS_CLASS = new Condition() {
    public boolean satisfy(String key, Object value) {
        return value instanceof PyJavaClass || value instanceof PyClass;

Is there an easy way to obtain the same behaviout with Jython 2.5.1? I would also like to know how to get the name of a java class wrapped by a PyObject (if of course the PyObject represents a java class object). Thanks!

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Thanos Tsounis
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