There are three native extensions in PyXML. 
pyexpat, sgmlop and boolean. 

I could see a fall back for sgmlop in
can someone point me where should i look to find fallbacks for other libs.


On Oct 19, 2005, at 6:57 PM, Frank Wierzbicki wrote:

Hi Stephan --

Thanks for the info.  Given this -- is anyone reading this list up for looking into testing PyXML with the current build?


On 10/18/05, Stefan Behnel <> wrote:

I saw a number of posts on the Jython-dev ML about bundling PyXML with Jython.
AFAICT, PyXML/4DOM is pure Python (even using old-style classes) except for
expat, the XML parser. But there is a fallback to a pure Python parser if
expat is not found. So I do not really see the issue with just bundling it
without the C extension.

Hope it helps,