yes, a final jython probably should come before this!  To get jython hook stuff included in the JDK might be best attackable via the JDK Collaboration project.

I do find myself wondering how Jython is going to be developed once Java starts making it easier to integrate dynamic languages with it.  Do you fork Jython and start developing it against the new stuff or do you push the projects Java demands up to Java 6,7,8... ?


Oti <> wrote:

as far as I know, javax.script is the hook for implementations of
JSR223 (

It has been a long outstanding wish of me to implement the jython
part, but I gotta concentrate on Jython itself first ...

Best wishes,

On 12/19/05, Leo User wrote:
> Howdy,
> Ive got a Java 6 "Mustang" installed on my machine. I was perusing the
> class directory and stumbled upon the javax.script package. I know that Ive
> read that javascript is being included as a scripting language but
> javax.script appears to be general not just javascript specific. So in
> other words you can use it as a front end to Jython. Any of you fine
> developer folk know anything about this package? Any plans to get Jython
> included in Java 7? ;)
> leouser
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