Well, from what I can tell, generators do work in the jython 2.2a1.  I used them as the basis for the start of my new colorizer work.  Ill have to test and see if the expression syntax works later on. :)


Frank Wierzbicki <fwierzbicki@gmail.com> wrote:
On 11/28/05, Leo User wrote:
> Not that Im a huge generator expresions fan, but does this mean that g.e.s
> are going to be in the next Jython release?
Generators are already supported in the development version of Jython,
you just have to:

from __future__ import generators

I think the original poster wants to work on adding generator parsing
to the javacc code. There is already some conditional parsing of
"yield" statements in the javacc, but I don't think there is
recognition of the LPAREN indicating the start of a generator
expression from the javacc perspective. All of this should be taken
with a grain of salt, since I have not looked that deeply at the
generator implementation yet.


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