Hi Jython makers,
I guess Im reporting what appears to be a discrepency between CPython and older versions of Jython in the os.path.abspath method.  What is happening is that jyleo in the leoGlobals module is making a call to this method:
with a unicode object.
It explodes with a stack pointing to:
javapath __tostr line 27
and a message of
abspath() argument must be a string object, not 'unicode' object.
let stress at this point Im not looking for 'patch' ideas for the work Im doing.  Ive got a patch in place.  But I do believe this is a change in behavior.  Is not a unicode object a string object in unicode disguise?  If regular python handles this ok, and other jythons have, shouldn't the correct behavior when faced with a unicode object be to process the unicode object?
thanks in advance
leouser :)

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