I am attempting to use JFreeChart.
My source file is named "test1".  test1 works fine until I add the following line:
       from JFreeChart.jfree.chart.ChartFactory import *
The path above is to the ChartFactory.java file that resides beneath my <classpath> as determined by sys.path.  It resides in:  <classpath>\JFreeChart\jfree\chart
Jython responds with:  ImportError: cannot import name test1
How should an external file be referenced so that it can be used in jython?
[Note:  I attempted to understand pathing by searching for "javax" but none of the instances I found on my harddrive were in my "sys.path".  So, now I am really confused.  I figured that if I could figure out how it is that I can access javax.swing, etc., that I could model my call to jreechart the same way.  But I can't figure that out yet either.)
Can someone please help me understand how all of this works so that I can then successfully use other jar files?
Thank you