I would like to put in a request for developers, core or otherwise to support a possible channel on freenode.  The python channel has a pretty presence  260+ people on any given day.  SISC(scheme) also has a steady presence.  I think that if the main guys participate it will get traction.  I could simply join a channel('jython') but I don't think it stick for very long.

Also, the developers may get to communicate on a more regular basis.

Here are the reasons:

* I find a lot of useful information on freenode, from authors, to commiters of various projects, etc.  And I know a lot of people get a lot support of various projects.

* There is a 'python' channel, but I think there are subtle differences between jython and cpython that warrant a seperate group.


* Some projects just don't fit freenode or IRC.

I wish I were more motivated to get others to follow(sigh, but I am not), maybe others could spark interest.

Anyway, if you want to discuss, I popped into 'jython' on freenode as ramza2.

Berlin Brown