Thank you for the reply with the additional information.
This will help me to organize a bit better the other dependencies and to think about some possible ways to a solution.


On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 4:37 PM, Philip Jenvey <> wrote:

On Mar 23, 2008, at 12:04 PM, Ariane Paola wrote:

> Hello,
> my name is Ariane. I am a Computer Science student from Brazil.
> I am interested in working on TurboGears2 improvements for Jython as a
> Summer of Code project.


> Here are some information, I have collected so far to the
> dependencies:

> Genshi:
> ---
> Is missing the expat library, which is only avilable in CPython
> (xml.parsers.expat).
> This will have to be rewritten using the available parser in Jython.
> In case that the XML parsers in Jython do not provide enough
> functionality, there would be a need to use a Java XML library via
> Jython.
> I am sure that there will be other non-working parts within Genshi,
> that will have to be fixed.

Jim Baker took a look at Genshi on Jython a couple months ago, and
has some ideas on replacing the Genshi XML parsing code with
something other than expat.

The other issue Genshi has is its parsing of python code into AST via
the compiler/parser module. Mako also shares this problem. We don't
support the parser module on Jython and there are no plans to,
instead our 2.5 parser will provide support for parsing to AST via
the _ast module (which is new in 2.5).

So what we'll need to do is have Genshi and Mako use _ast on Python
2.5 or above, otherwise fall back to compiler. compiler is being
removed in Python 3, so converting to _ast helps in that respect too.

> Pylons:
> ---
> There are still some things missing for a full-working Pylons on
> Jython. For sure needed fixes for TurboGears on Jython, will also
> improve Pylons on Jython.

I've been focusing on making Pylons work. It sounds like Jim is going
to mentor the TG effort (and Frank will be a secondary), consider me
a third =]

> SQLAlchemy:
> ---
> Patch by Frank Wierzbicki
> d60db24fe1683a41/09320033f406d78b?hl=en&lnk=gst
> jython-trunk.html
> > import sqlalchemy
> > successfully without any further work. Getting SQLAlchemy to run
> well with > Mysql and JDBC will be next, but that's for me to do :)

One of the SQLAlchemy developers (Jason Kirtland) said a good portion
of the SQLAlchemy tests actually pass on Jython. The SQLAlchemy
developers are also planning to ease support for Jython by changing
around the dialect handling, see the following ticket:

(They've actually already started working on this)

> This parts are not working on Jython and will need improvements:
> ToscaWidgets
> twforms

One thing to note about ToscaWidgets is that it depends on
RuleDispatch and DecoratorTools, I believe one, or both of these,
contain a C extension. Though the author, Alberto Valverde, has
expressed interest in removing those dependencies that require C

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