Hi, I recently managed to run repoze.bfg on jython, now I'm trying to run it inside a servlet container via modjy.

So far it works, but there's one problem with static resources, I get the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/iamedu/BFG/sys/Lib/modjy/modjy.py", line 80, in service
    self.exc_handler.handle(req, resp, wsgi_environ, mx, (typ, value, tb) )
  File "/home/iamedu/BFG/sys/Lib/modjy/modjy.py", line 76, in service
    self.dispatch_to_application(req, resp, wsgi_environ)
  File "/home/iamedu/BFG/sys/Lib/modjy/modjy.py", line 103, in dispatch_to_application
    self.raise_exc(ApplicationException, str(x))
  File "/home/iamedu/BFG/sys/Lib/modjy/modjy.py", line 121, in raise_exc
    raise exc_class(message)
modjy.modjy_exceptions.ApplicationException: StreamIO.seek() not supported

I'm using Glassfish and java 1.6,
Any ideas on what is happening would be great, Thanks!