If I have my own library, that I’d usually point at through a .pth file in the site-packages directory, should I point to it through the python.path environment var?


I’ve just tried using the code sample below and it failed...





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If you're deploying in a war, then stick the Lib directory in the "classes" dir (for example), and then point the python path at that directory with something vaguely like:

Properties props = new Properties();
String jythonPath = libDir.getFile().getCanonicalPath();
props.put("python.path", jythonPath);
PythonInterpreter.initialize(System.getProperties(), props, null);

In my case, "libDir" is a prop injected by spring:

<property name="libDir" value="classpath:Lib" />

So you'll need to grab the canonical path according to whatever framework you're working within.

Dunno if that helps?


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