I’m confused. J  So, what’s the difference between the Java libraries and the Python modules?  My understanding was that Jython makes use of the Python modules, shipped in the Lib directory.  And, my problem was that the Lib directory wasn’t in the jar hence the jar wasn’t portable (i.e. I couldn’t put it in a web app and use it). 


You seem to be suggesting that I can use the jar without the Lib directory bundled within it, and some other set of external modules?


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Yes you can (but that means you can only use java libraries, rather than python modules).  However your question was where to put resources -- and that's how I do it... ;-)

If you need to use the __future__ mod, you'll need to bundle the Lib dir.

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Surely we can deploy the standalone jar and nothing else?


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If you're deploying in a war, then stick the Lib directory in the "classes" dir (for example), and then point the python path at that directory with something vaguely like:

Properties props = new Properties();
String jythonPath = libDir.getFile().getCanonicalPath();
props.put("python.path", jythonPath);
PythonInterpreter.initialize(System.getProperties(), props, null);

In my case, "libDir" is a prop injected by spring:

<property name="libDir" value="classpath:Lib" />

So you'll need to grab the canonical path according to whatever framework you're working within.

Dunno if that helps?


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I unzipped the jython package and I can run the jython jar using java –jar jython.jar.  The interpreter works fine.


What the instructions lack is how to copy the jython jar and resources elsewhere.  I don’t want to ship the entire jython zip file with my project; I want to place the relevant parts into a war file.


The #!/usr/bin/python is irrelevant – it’s there because the script has it, but it still doesn’t work without it.


The answer seems to lie in the lib directory – could you tell me how Jython loads resources from it?







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