I was curious on how to work with jarray and move the arrays between classes after being filled with values and operated. I think this example explains some of the basics. Of course, there are more pythonic ways to do this. Cheers! Alfonso Reyes

from java.lang import Math
from jarray import array, zeros
import java.util.Random;

class ArrayClass:
    """    This class will fill an array with random numbers
    and then return the array for further operations
    def __init__(self, elems):
        self.N = elems
        systemEnergy = 0.0025
        self.v = zeros(self.N, "d")     # array of zeros, double type
        v0 = Math.sqrt(2.0 * systemEnergy / self.N)
        for i in range(0, self.N, 1):
            r = java.util.Random()
            self.v[i] = v0 * r.nextInt(self.N)  # same velocity for all particles

    def out(self):
        for i in range(0, self.N, 1):
            print i, self.v[i]

    def get(self):
        return self.v

n = 100
uarr = zeros(n, "d")    # array of double to store some operations
ac = ArrayClass(n)      
ac.out()                # print the array
arr = ac.get()          # get the array to start doing some work on it

# get a first third of the array members and times 10
print "Get a first third of the array members"
for i in range(0, n/3, 1):
    uarr[i] = arr[i] * 10
    print i, arr[i], uarr[i]

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