Hi Frank,
              If I want to work with decorators(as I have shown in my previous mail) in jython ,
1. Do I have to wait till the next release of jython?
2. Will the next release support decorators?
3. When will the next release be available?
4. Is there any alternative method in which I can do something similar (other than using decorators)? :) Then what is it?
4. If I want the above feature soooo badly, what can I do to contribute ?

On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 6:48 PM, Frank Wierzbicki <fwierzbicki@gmail.com> wrote:
The only Jython that supports generators is the prototyped newcompiler
-- which is a bit tricky to use and definitely not for production.
Jython 2.2 will never have them (they where introduced in Python 2.4)
but trunk should get them (I hope) in a number of weeks when JavaOne
has passed and I can get going on translating new compiler onto trunk.


Heshan Suriyaarachchi