I am having 2 python scripts named methodFinder.py and test1.py . Then wrote another script and it is like below

What I want is:
       import test
       import methodFinder


  The above code works perfectly fine in python . I wanted to do this in jython and I did like following and it started to
give errors on the import statements . How could I correct this ? Is there an alternative way to import user defined
python modules and use them with another python modules, in jython?

What I did was :
        PythonInterpreter interp2 = new PythonInterpreter();
        String str3 = "/home/heshan/workspace/IdeaProjects/PYtest/src/methodFinder.py";
        String str4 = "/home/heshan/workspace/IdeaProjects/PYtest/src/test1.py";

        interp2.eval("echo()");                            //Works fine
        interp2.eval("getTime()");                      //Works fine
        interp2.exec("import test1");                  //Gives errors
        interp2.exec("import methodFinder");   //Gives errors
        PyObject pyObj = interp2.eval("methodFinder.classify(test1)");
        System.out.println("The methods returned are : " + pyObj);

   If anyone can help I will be grateful .

Thanx in advance
Heshan Suriyaarachchi