Thanks for your prompt response, Tobias.  Even though its not quite the answer I wanted to hear, I understand.  You guys are doing a great job and I'm sure it will get fixed sooner rather than later, since its really quite a common use case.  Good luck and I'll check in regularly to see what happens.  In the meantime I'll work on other parts of my project.


On Friday, December 04, 2009, at 07:39AM, "Tobias Ivarsson" <> wrote:
Yes, this is a bug. I don't know if there is an open issue for this already, but there are open issues on related topics, it will get fixed, but its a pretty tricky case (protected method accessed via reflection) so I cannot give you an estimate on when this will be done.


On Fri, Dec 4, 2009 at 1:58 PM, Philip Yi <> wrote:

The attached code results in the following error:

MyDocument.insertUpdate entered
MyDocument.insertUpdate entered
MyDocument.insertUpdate entered

RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded

It appears that instead of calling the super (PlainDocument in this case) method, it recursively calls MyDocument method.

Is this a jython bug?


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