It might be because the Hotspot compiler has compiled your code.   Typically, it says "compiled" somewhere in the stack trace for that line.  To turn that off, you need to tell the JVM to not use a compiler.   I think the command is something like -Dcompiler=NONE, but I am not sure.



On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 17:29, wrote:

I posted the following in Jython users list more than a month ago. But sadly, it hasn't elicited any response. I hope I can get some information in this group. I hope posting Jython question in this group is OK.


 > Hi,
 >Since the time I bundled my jython modules as classes >and into a jar file,  all the stack traces show the line >number as 0. Can someone explain why
> this is so? The jythonc web page mentions at the end the >following: "
 > Freezing modules:
 > ------------------
 > jythonc can also be used to freeze a python application. The frozen
 > application can then be distributed and deployed as any other java
 > application.
 > Some diffrences between an interpreted application and a frozen
 > application exists:
 >         Properties are diffrent. XXX
 >         sys.argv[0]
 >         loading of python classes.
 > "
 > Can someone elaborate these differences?
 > Thanks in advance,
 > Raghu.

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