Hi thanx for the help. I have already done the interpreter part with a sample inter.eval(“2+3”).

Will look for your source for embedding coz that’s what I intend to do OR running a jython script from with in java. Currently the issue I am facing is how to get the java know of the jython scripts




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Dear Hammar,  

A good starting point to learn more about the Java and Jython interoperability is the Jython User Guide available form the web site:

 I often use to embed Jython scripts calling them from Java or Groovy base code. This is particularly useful to add dynamic pieces of logic that does not require compiling. A good example are the business logic modules, which often undergo changes. And a last remark: The Python syntax is much more pleasant to read compared to Javanese.

The basic way to embed a Jython script is to call: org.python.util.PythonInterpreter;    
The advanced way to call a Jython script, is using the JSR223 API, which also implements the object interchange facilities (Java 6 only);      

Both solutions are well described inside the Jython Users Guide.

Have fun with Jython.


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[Jython-users] Using Jython from Java




I am new to Jython/Python and was wondering how I can access my jython code from within java (both as a script and embedded Java code (if this is the possibility)
I can’t find any good tutorials and shall be grateful if someone can point to it.
Ammar Hassan
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