Can anyone please give me some guidance on this. I try to create a system where I use Java classes that are subclassed for prototyping in Jython. Within the rest of the Java code (after initialization) I would like to refer to standard Java classes rather than PyObject. Hence, I try to subclass a Java class in Python and later just use the Java class itself when calling methods.
Am I trying to do something that is not possible within the Jython framework, or is there away around it.
Java :
class MyClass
    void Method()
Jython :
def PyMyClass (MyClass):
    def Method()
Java (Factory class)
class MyClassFactory
    public MyClass createMyClass()
            use PythonInterpreter to create
            PyObject instance of PyMyClass()
            This works fine. I can call methods here (with invoke)
        MyClass p=(MyClass) myPyObject;
        // Why does this typecase fail (error on PyInstance) ?
        // I thought this cast would work since the PyMyClass object subclasses MyClass... ??