Hello All,
        I am trying to run the Demo applet program in jython Demo/applet directory. Especially try to run the HelloApplet.py
program with the steps given in the same file. Steps that I followed are given below.
        1. Put the jython.jar in the CLASSPATH.
        2. Run the applet with the following products.
                # jython ../../Tools/mkjava.py PythonApplet HelloApplet .
        3. Run the html with the browser.
        These are steps given in the HelloApplet.py. But this not working.  Any suggestion how to run this?
        When running the second step it shows some error. That is
                # jython ../../Tools/mkjava.py PythonApplet HelloApplet .
                Traceback (innermost last):
                  File "../../Tools/mkjava.py", line 36, in ?
                AttributeError: class 'org.python.modules.types' has no attribute 'JavaClassType'
        Note : Here current path is Demo/applet
        I checked the org/python/modules/types.java. It doesn't have the JavaClassType. How to solve this problem?
        I have few questions.
            1. If the JavaClassType is not present in the Source code, then why the mkjava.py file call that one.
            2. Whether any file changed to work with this. That is, Whether the types.java is changed to include the JavaClassTypes attribute or mkjava.py file is changed to remove the JavaClassType attribute.
            3. Or I am understood wrongly the steps to follow the applet execution.
        Please give any suggestion.
Thanks & Regards