Hi again,
I'm quite new to Jython and Java (a few days). Here is a piece of code I wrote to sub-class the SerialPortEventListener of the javax.comm package:
class MySerialPortEventListener (comm.SerialPortEventListener):
 def serialEvent (self, Event):
  print Event
   IBuf = '--------'
   ILen = IStream.available()
   while ILen > 0:
    INum = IStream.read(IBuf)
    print 'Read: OK', ILen, INum, IBuf
    ILen = IStream.available()
I get the following result for each character sent to the serial port (with help of a connected PSION)
Read: OK 1 1 --------
What goes right:
- The EventListener works and is fired correctly
- The InputStream reports that data is available (1 byte)
- The InputStream.read method call reports that it has read data
What goes wrong:
- The buffer doesn't contain any data except the 8 '-'s that I have put in it for initialising
Please help, ... what am I missing?!?
(The other way around works. I managed to send data)
Thanks for any help and, once again, 'Jython is great'