Hello All,
I'm member (programmer/beta-tester) of the tn5250j program on sourceforge.
For the ones interested http://tn5250j.sourceforge.net  or
http://sf.net/projects/tn5250j .
We have the possibility to run jython script from within our emulator,
and here we use Java Webstart to start the application.
Because java webstart (or IE) starts from the desktop by default (at least on
Windows-boxes) and we should click the link on our webbrowser to actually
start tn5250j trough webstart, we always get a "cache"-dir created on the
desktop. Seems that jython is doing this.
Cause our program is developed that way the config-files are places in the
users home-dir (in java System.getProperty("user-home")) we want that
cache-dir created as a subdir into that user home-dir. So the question is,
is this possible ??? can we override the creation of the cache dir into the
user-home-dir instead of the user-dir (current working dir) like it is now ?
No need to say this is very annoying, because users simply do not want
those dirs created on the desktop. The strange thing is however, that
when you click the link for the second time, java webstart asks you if
you want icons created in the menu and on the deskop. After those
icons are created you can delete the cache-dir on the desktop and
it won't be created anymore as long as you use the icons created by
java webstart, but when you start IE again and use the link, then the
cache-dir is created on the desktop again... very frustrating.
I hope there is a solution for this, cause this not really makes users
happy, that is. :-)
Best Regards,