I actually wanted to contact the webmaster at jython.org, to see if they were interested in posting a neat news article for their site. I was not able to find the correct contact information except for this one, so I guess I will be informing the entire Jython community at once through this list. Sorry.

Our organization has recently released a technology that will allow developers to define Cocoon flow in Java. The technology is called ATCT (Asynchronous Transfer of Control Threading). This technology is free for download from our site at http://www.velare.com.

When Alex Krut first discussed the ATCT technology in his blog ( http://www.freeroller.net/page/alexkrut/ ) and decided to show an implementation of the technology by providing Apache Cocoon flow in Java, the Cocoon community started an interested discussion which lead to the comment; "Neat, but I rather define flow in something like python/jython". Alex answered the comment by providing a new blog entry with Jython sample code.

So please feel free to visit Alex' blog at http://www.freeroller.net/page/alexkrut/ and learn about some of the new possibilities with Jython. If you are interested in the discussions that took place, please visit the following sites;


To learn more about ATCT, visit our site at http://www.velare.com or an DevX.com article at http://www.devx.com/Java/Article/15817/ . On our site you will be able to find more documentation and download the technology for free. We would love to hear your feedback at info@velare.com.

Thank you,

John van Rij
Velare Technologies Inc.

DevX.com about Velare's ATCT: