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#2 refreshed icons proposal (SVG based)


The icons of JXplorer are looking a bit aged.
So I\'ve created a new set, based on an SVG graphic and fitted them manually
to the required sizes (16,32,48,64,128).
Combining this within a single .ICO file looks pretty cool under Windows.
Because of combined technique, each operation picks the best fitting image (8bit or 32 bit).

What do you think?


  • Martin W. Kirst

    Martin W. Kirst - 2010-08-17

    the refreshed images in various versions, zipped

  • Martin W. Kirst

    Martin W. Kirst - 2010-08-17

    Source patch againts trunk, fixes missing root frame icon

  • Martin W. Kirst

    Martin W. Kirst - 2010-08-17

    Please see also the attached patch, for fixing the main JFrame application icon.

  • Christopher Betts

    Hi Martin,

     this is a little embarrassing... first, thank you so much for going to the effort to do this!  Unfortunately great minds think alike, and another user who's a professional graphics guy gave me a set of images a month or so ago, and I just haven't got around to updating the svn repository yet :-(.  (Done that now!).  It looks like both of you have done fundamentally the same work; I'll review your patch file though and merge the changes in.
    But thanks again for doing this, both of you are correct that the icons were looking pretty ratty!  And I really appreciate you're going to this effort!  (I just wish I had more time to respond and update the project in a timely fashion...!)
    all the best,
        - Chris

    P.S. best to email me direct at, or - I don't check this tracker as often as I should...


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