JXplorer: release candidate 1: verstion 3.2.1

A free java ldap client with LDIF support, security (inc SSL, SASL & GSSAPI), translated into many languages (inc. Chinese), online help, user forms and many other features. Support at: jxplorer-users@lists.sourceforge.net or: http://jxplorer.org

This is a minor release with some incremental improvements and minor bug fixes. At the same time we have moved to using the sourceforge subversion repository, and cleaned up the build so that a full checkout provides a buildable image. (We've also created a single 'package' that gives a complete working and buildable project image, as well as a smaller 'deploy' package that just give you the browser).

Some minor packaging wrinkles still to be sorted, but otherwise if the release candidate checks out we'll make this the 3.2.1 release.

JXplorer Version 3.2.1 Release Notes

... This is a minor release with some incremental improvements, but a lot of changes to the build and source control system.

  • Support for loading LDIF files as command line argument
  • Support for displaying raw password strings in table editor using 'mask.raw.passwords=false' in jxconfig.txt
  • Some fixes for MAC look and feel; added GTK look and feel
  • Added beginnings of Taiwanese chinese language file - only partial. Reformated chinese to be traditional chinese file.
  • Added stand alone 'smart keystore editor' as a sub-project of JXplorer (separate target in ant build, creates an executable jar file)
  • Work on ant build file; making sure that shell script permissions are maintained
  • Moved source to subversion repository, restructured to allow 'single check out, single build'; more modifications to build file.

Thanks to evereasy@gmail.com for the Taiwanese language file
Thanks to Pawel Zuzelski for the LDIF code
GTK L&F suggested by Alfonsas Stonis
Executable jar file version of smart keystore editor from Santthosh Babu Selvadurai

Posted by Christopher Betts 2008-09-08

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