JXplorer v3.1 release candidate available

JXplorer is a fully functional ldap browser written in java with a pluggable architecture, plug in security providers, ldif support, i18n support, online help, user configurable html forms for data display and much, much more. A stable release candidate for JXplorer 3.1 is now available for download; if it checks out it will become the 3.1 release. This release includes a bunch of new security goodies, such as improved SSL handling with browser-like detection of server certificates, optional client side password hashing, and kerberos support.

Otherwise, a number of bug fixes and some internal code refactoring.

If the second release candidate is good (the first had a minor gui problem with kerberos passwords) I'll make the OS specific install packages and re-release in a week or so!

You can find this release candidate here:


Posted by Christopher Betts 2004-09-24

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