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JXplorer - Security Refresh

JXplorer contains a number of new security features.

  1. By default secure connections are now TLS - using older SSL protocols is still possible, but must be deliberately enabled in the config file (jxconfig.txt)
  2. We have added an 'advanced' window for the password editor, that displays more information about the password encoding, the hash value, and the salt in use.
  3. We have added SHA-256, SHA-512, SSHA-256 and SSHA-512 to the list of supported algorithms that can be generated client side in JXplorer.... read more
Posted by Christopher Betts 2014-11-27

JXplorer 3.3 Tenth Anniversary Edition!

Hi Folks,

JXplorer version 3.3 release is now available, and the http://jxplorer.org website has been changed to direct traffic to this version.

This is, co-incidentally, the tenth anniversary of the release of JXplorer as an open source product!  With this release, supporting multiple directories and copy and paste between them, I think we are now on the same level as the commercial vendors, and in some areas (such as support for multiple languages) I think we are well ahead.... [read more](/p/jxplorer/news/2012/07/jxplorer-33-tenth-anniversary-edition/)
Posted by Christopher Betts 2012-07-02

JXplorer: release candidate 2: version 3.2.1

A free java ldap client with LDIF support, security (inc SSL, SASL & GSSAPI), translated into many languages (inc. Chinese), online help, user forms and many other features. Support at: jxplorer-users@lists.sourceforge.net or: http://jxplorer.org

The main change is we finally have a new cross-platform installer! Many thanks to the folks at BitRock for their InstallBuilder license donation. We should also have finally cleared up some issues with the shell scripts.... read more

Posted by Christopher Betts 2009-02-27

JXplorer: release candidate 1: verstion 3.2.1

A free java ldap client with LDIF support, security (inc SSL, SASL & GSSAPI), translated into many languages (inc. Chinese), online help, user forms and many other features. Support at: jxplorer-users@lists.sourceforge.net or: http://jxplorer.org

This is a minor release with some incremental improvements and minor bug fixes. At the same time we have moved to using the sourceforge subversion repository, and cleaned up the build so that a full checkout provides a buildable image. (We've also created a single 'package' that gives a complete working and buildable project image, as well as a smaller 'deploy' package that just give you the browser).

Some minor packaging wrinkles still to be sorted, but otherwise if the release candidate checks out we'll make this the 3.2.1 release.

JXplorer Version 3.2.1 Release Notes

... This is a minor release with some incremental improvements, but a lot of changes to the build and source control system.

  • Support for loading LDIF files as command line argument
  • Support for displaying raw password strings in table editor using 'mask.raw.passwords=false' in jxconfig.txt
  • Some fixes for MAC look and feel; added GTK look and feel
  • Added beginnings of Taiwanese chinese language file - only partial. Reformated chinese to be traditional chinese file.
  • Added stand alone 'smart keystore editor' as a sub-project of JXplorer (separate target in ant build, creates an executable jar file)
  • Work on ant build file; making sure that shell script permissions are maintained
  • Moved source to subversion repository, restructured to allow 'single check out, single build'; more modifications to build file.

Thanks to evereasy@gmail.com for the Taiwanese language file
Thanks to Pawel Zuzelski for the LDIF code
GTK L&F suggested by Alfonsas Stonis
Executable jar file version of smart keystore editor from Santthosh Babu Selvadurai

Posted by Christopher Betts 2008-09-08

JXplorer version 3.2 released

A new 'official' version of JXplorer, release 3.2 is out. This replaces the previous stable version release 3.1, and includes all the bug fixes and improvements of the last couple of years.

In addition we have a shiny new admin guide (see http://jxplorer.org, or get it from the sourceforge download area).

Posted by Christopher Betts 2007-03-03

JXplorer v3.2 release candidate 1 is out!

JXplorer 3.2 is an incremental release with a large number of small fixes and improvements. This particular release however fixes one important issue - there was a (fortunately very rare) bug in the GUI where a series of rapid manual deletes could cause JX to delete an entire directory tree (!).

For this reason, users should either upgrade immediately, or keep the 'confirm tree operations' safety option on.... read more

Posted by Christopher Betts 2006-09-08

JXplorer version 3.2 (beta 3) released

This is a stable release with various small bug fixes and binary install packages for the more common OSs.

  • Chris
Posted by Christopher Betts 2006-05-03

JXplorer v3.1 final release and web site update

JXplorer v3.1 has been released with numerous improvements, bug fixes and stability enhancements.

The http://jxplorer.org web site has been updated to point to this new version, and people should use the 3.1 release in preference to the older 3.0 release.

There are a large number of new features and fixes, including many submitted by users, that have not been included in this release in order to keep it stable; we'll be putting out a 3.2 beta (probably at the end of April) so we can start testing these.... read more

Posted by Christopher Betts 2005-04-13

JXplorer v3.1 rc5 release

The latest 3.1 release candidate is now available... fingers crossed, this may finally be the proper 3.1 release :-). Executable install packages also available for most major platforms.

Posted by Christopher Betts 2005-02-02

JXplorer v3.1 release candidate available

JXplorer is a fully functional ldap browser written in java with a pluggable architecture, plug in security providers, ldif support, i18n support, online help, user configurable html forms for data display and much, much more. A stable release candidate for JXplorer 3.1 is now available for download; if it checks out it will become the 3.1 release. This release includes a bunch of new security goodies, such as improved SSL handling with browser-like detection of server certificates, optional client side password hashing, and kerberos support.... read more

Posted by Christopher Betts 2004-09-24

Jxplorer v3 ldap client released!

The JXplorer v3 ldap client has, after a large number of release candidates :-), been released. This version has numerous bug fixes, better installs, and now boasts translation files for French and German.

JXplorer now also includes prototype support for the Directory Services Markup Language (DSML) via Sun's DSML jndi provider.

For hard core directory types the following features have been improved:
multi-valued RDNs
UTF-8 Support in ldif files
UTF-8 Support in DNs
Advanced GUI for constructing LDAP search filters
DN Bookmark support
DN copying to clipboard
...and many more

Posted by Christopher Betts 2003-11-10

JXplorer.org registered

JXplorer.org has been set up, and has the documentation, faqs etc. that were previously on pegacat.com/jxplorer. The site is due for a refit :-), but in the meantime is a good source for more JXplorer info.

Posted by Christopher Betts 2003-11-10

JXplorer ldap browser - Version 3.0 Beta released

This is a preview release ahead of the expected main
release next month, to tide over the folks who have
been having trouble with open ldap's slapd schema,
and to get the general bug fixes out in the open.

It should be pretty solid; aside from DSML support
there are no other changes planned between now and
the final version (except further testing).

Precompiled packages and/or source can be downloaded from
http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/jxplorer/... read more

Posted by Christopher Betts 2002-11-23

First Release!

<p>I think I've finally got everything set up - cvs, web site, file releases, mailing lists... so everything is now good to go!</p>

<p>So, JXplorer v2.1 (first open source release) is
now available for download, either through source
forge cvs, the web site, or through the package release mechanism! Whoo hoo! Eighteen
months of beaurocracy and mailing everyone
in sight bear fruit :-)</p>... read more

Posted by Christopher Betts 2002-07-06

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