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JXmlSql Beta 1 Database API has Released

JXmlSql Beta 1 has released.

JXmlSql is a Java database API ( MySql, Oracle, Access ) that eliminates JDBC code. JXmlSql allows developers to define application and prepopulation SQL statements inside xml files. There are options for query, insert, update, delete, report and prepopulation SQL. JXmlSql can be used as an abstraction layer to provide database connection to any database that supports that provides jdbc drivers.... read more

Posted by Ken Williamson 2005-08-21

JXmlSql Java Database API

JXmlSql Alpha 0.9 is the initial offering of JXmlSql. JXmlSql gives developers the ability to create database access code without writing JDBC code. All SQL statements are defined in one of five XML files (reports.xml, insert.xml, delete.xml, query.xml, prepopulate.xml) and named according to their purpose. There are a number of utility classes in the package that help to simplify common tasks. The prepopulate.xml file gives a way to easily populate HTML Tag Library Select elements with data pulled from a database.

Posted by Ken Williamson 2005-07-23

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