Alex Lynch - 2005-06-23

To all prospective developers:

Let me explain what the Enclosure can currently do, what is broken, and then what we need going forward.

Enclosure can:
    Install, and uninstall modules, by command. (using jxl.enclosure.Modules)
    Locate other Enclosure peers on the network, download modules from them and install the modules, dynamically.
    Enforce security rules using the* classes.
    Store and recall user specified security polices to enforce on modules.

Broken things:
    The ability to graphically review and change user specified security polices (jxl.enclosure.Policies,*)

Thing needed:
    Refine the default security policies by modifying and adding a GrantedPermissions class.
    Create a means of quickly testing an Enclosure module so that it is easy to develop or port an application to Enclosure.
    Generally test the system by installing and using existing apps in Enclosure.

Things wanted:
    I really want to use a stripped down version of Beanshell to perform the basic admin operations for Enclosure: things like install, uninstall, update, view policies, and even as an interactive app launcher. If this were done we could drop all of the main-classes like Modlues, Policies, Main that do this work. This will be a complicated process involving security, access control, and reflection.