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J2ME XMPP API / News: Recent posts


1. nokia JVM InputStreamReader bug walkaround (refer to, thanks to abirr). tested on nokia n78
2. Jxa constructor no longer start thread, you must use Jxa.start()

Posted by Yuan-Chu Tai 2008-09-12

1.1 alpha

Support for Google Talk login has been added. use Jxa("", PASSWORD, RESOURCE, PRIOPRITY, "", "5223", true) to login

Posted by Yuan-Chu Tai 2008-08-11

Binary now available

The test application of our new Jabber API for mobile phones is now available as binary. You can download the jar and upload it to your mobile phone to test it, connect to a jabber server and chat with your mates.

We only test it on the Siemens S65 so far. Feel free to send us your experiences.

Posted by Sven Jost 2006-08-14

Source of Version 1.0 Released

Today we release the source code of our API which includes an actually running client as an example on how to use it.

A binary version will follow soon. Stay tuned!

Posted by Sven Jost 2006-08-10

GUI Source online

Working GUI for Siemens S65 and other mobile phones like CX65, ...
GUI uses Roster und JXA - API, but is still incomplete.

Posted by JXA 2006-07-11

Roster online

The source of is now available.
+ hashtable for messages
+ get / set / clear methods for stored messages

upcomming next:
+ hashtable for buddylist

Posted by JXA 2006-07-08