• Nobody/Anonymous

    file mailer.cpp
    line 1402
      if(greeting.find(at) == std::string::npos) {
          returnstring = "554 jwSMTP only handles LOGIN or PLAIN authentication at present!";
          Send(len, s, "QUIT\r\n", 6, 0);
          return false; // didn't find that type of login!

    but some mail servers don`t send me AUTH info, but they are use it. Please check it!

    • John Wiggins

      John Wiggins - 2006-04-15

      I used RFC 2554 to implement AUTH in jwSMTP for LOGIN,PLAIN only.
      If your mailservers are doing a different kind of login, i.e. not login,plain jwSMTP cannot be used as I have not implemented that kind of AUTH.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    but now, most smtps need tls AUTH, how can i deal with these smtps?


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