I tried to use some working code on a Mac OS X today.  (I usually use a unix machine)

I received the following:
Caused by: /Users/bone/libraries/wordnet-3/dict/\index.sense (No such file or directory)

Take a look -- the slash is going the wrong way between the path, and the filename.

I looked in FileManagerImpl, and that slash is being prepended to the index.sense filename.  I quickly setup the project as a maven build, and recompiled without the slash.

Everything worked.  So, I'd suggest removing the slash or at least update the code to use the Java file separator, which would make the code OS indepedent.

I'm not sure if you develop this as a maven build.  If not I volunteer to reorganize it for you to use maven.


Brian ONeill
Director, Verilogue (
Founder, Source Equity (