problems with some pointertypes

  • Nikolay Jetchev

    Nikolay Jetchev - 2005-04-16

    I have noticed something very strange - some pointers don't function correctly, i see some relations in the wordnet browser, but can't see the same via the api

    -Japan has many domain terms, but using the category_member and category pointers(i guess they are corresponding to domain relation, it works for other words) are empty

    -usage and usage_member don't work,a t least for some words

    -similar_to is also bugged, i can't get synonyms using this pointer and makePointerTargetTreeList, but it works using the GetSynonyms function

    so, where can the problem be, those are very serious bugs, strange that they occut only with some pointers

    • Nikolay Jetchev

      Nikolay Jetchev - 2005-04-16

      just tested some more, the similar_to pointer works for pos.ADJECTIVE, but not pos.NOUN

      the category pointer works for pos.VERB, but not pos.NOUN

      how can i possibly fix this, is there a workaround?
      for synonyms it is no problem, but for category i see no way to get domain terms for nouns

    • Nikolay Jetchev

      Nikolay Jetchev - 2005-04-16

      I think i found the problem. For "japan", words like "karate" are region terms, and for "physics", words like pressure are category terms

      so it seems that jwnl has no support for region pointers for now, or there is a way? I just want to be able to relate japan and karate via wordnet

    • Nikolay Jetchev

      Nikolay Jetchev - 2005-04-16

      Opps, i found there is a pointer type region, japan works ok now

      but still, it is a bit annoying that similar_to does not work as expected , and i have to use another functon for this

      and how exactly can i use the usage/usage_member pointer, can u give me an example

      Thanks for your replies, sorry if my posts are too chaotic


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