can't find the word "women" through API

  • Anonymous - 2003-08-12

    I'm sure that i'm using the API in the correct way, but for some unknown reason when searching the word "women" i get nothing.
    I'm using jwnl 1.2.1 and the dictionary database is 1.7.1. It works fine through the WordNet GUI.
    Please advise .


    • Marin Dimitrov

      Marin Dimitrov - 2003-08-20

      the WordNet GUI allows searching for "women" (!!!) because there is a morphological processor integrated with it (

      note that only the base forms of the words ("woman") are stored in the database files and most probably that's why the JWNL API does not allow searches for the inflected forms

      if you relaly need to do such searches you can probably use some other tool/API to first extract the base form for the word and then make a JWNL query for it



    • Anonymous - 2003-08-20

      Your claim doesn't make sense. I'm trying to search the word "took" and although in WordNet database appears only the word "take", it still can be found through JWNL API. How can you exaplin this ?

      By the way, i did a sanity test, and JWNL 1.7.1 seems to work fine with WordNet 2.0 .


      • Marin Dimitrov

        Marin Dimitrov - 2003-08-20

        ok I admit I was mistaken a bit - there is a morhphological processor available for jwnl too (not enabled by default) and since our jwnl based application does not need it I never paid much attention to it

        if you can find "took" but can't find "women" then there might be some problem with the morphological processor



    • John Didion

      John Didion - 2003-11-11

      this appears to be fixed in JWNL 1.3


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