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  • Ralph Vince

    Ralph Vince - 2006-07-01

    I am trying to put JWNL into systems other than Windows. Sinve JWNL is Java, and the apps that will require it are Java also, the only problem/question is what files are required of WordNet? Isn't Wordnet Windows based? Does this mean I can only use JWNL on Windows-based systems? Is there a means whereby I can use this on a Non-Windows based system, particularly looking for ways to embed this into smaller units like Palm OS's, etc. Thanks, Ralph Vince

    • Jim Irwin

      Jim Irwin - 2006-07-01

      You need to get a Wordnet distribution before you attempt to use JWNL.  The only thing you need from the Wordnet distribution are the dictionary files, so it shouldn't really matter a lot which Wordnet distribution you use, as long as you make sure that the JWNL initialization finds the files.

      You may have to tinker with the JWNL initialization routines, since there is code that recognizes the OS so that it can find the files, because prior versions of the Wordnet distributions used to package the files under different names on the different systems. 


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