WordNet 2.1 Compatibility?

Scott R.
  • Scott R.

    Scott R. - 2005-05-24

    I am just trying out this API. The current version of Wordnet for Windows is 2.1. When I tried to initialize JWNL for file-backed dictionary with 2.1, I got an few error messages including "unable to install..." and adv.idx not found. I see adv.idx in 2.0 but not in 2.1. Is JWNL only compatible with 2.0?

    Also, where is the documentation for the property files?

    I am looking forward to using this tool. I think it's a great idea and a great contribution to the open source community.


    • MAB_71

      MAB_71 - 2005-07-06

      Did you eventually find you way out of this one? In that case, can you please explain?

    • Jim Irwin

      Jim Irwin - 2005-07-22

      It appears that the Windows version of Wordnet 2.1 no  longer uses dictionary file names that are different than the MAC / Unix version.  This means that the net.didion.jwnl.princeton.file.AbstractPrincetonDictionaryFile class is failing to find the files in the Wordnet 2.1 dict directory. 

      It can be remedied by removing the " || JWNL.getOS() == JWNL.WINDOWS" clause from the if statement in makeFileName() method.

    • msammer

      msammer - 2005-08-01

      As a note, the makeFileName method is located in /net/didion/jwnl/princeton/file/AbstractPrinctonDictionaryFile.java

    • Mark Finlayson

      Mark Finlayson - 2006-03-20

      A better fix would be to add a test for the WordNet version, so that it can load all versions:

      In net.didion.jwnl.princeton.file.AbstractPrincetonDictionaryFile, line 51:

      Change from:

      if (getFileType() == DictionaryFileType.EXCEPTION || JWNL.getOS() == JWNL.WINDOWS)


      if (getFileType() == DictionaryFileType.EXCEPTION || (JWNL.getOS() == JWNL.WINDOWS & JWNL.getVersion().getNumber() < 2.1))

    • Lawrence

      Lawrence - 2006-04-24

      Is there another way other than the solutions posted above? If none, then where do i get the source code? i browsed through jwnl 1.3 and only the classes are inside...


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