Too many open files in Linux

  • Vanessa Lopez

    Vanessa Lopez - 2008-02-07

    Hi! I am having a problem when using jwnl, under my application, in Linux... After calling the jwnl library a few times (creating a new dictionary each time) I run out of file descriptors in a very short time (I have already increase the number of file descriptors in the system all I can) ... I have tried to close and uninstall the dictionary every time I use it, I have even try to create an static dictionary to be used by all the processes, but those solutions did not help .. and the system runs out of file descriptors, produces a "too many open files" error, and I have to restart tomcat  .. I had executed lsof to see that jwnl leaves all the dictionary files open several times... (which is not a problem in windows or mac, but it is a big problem in linux)

    Can anyone help me please?

    Many thxs!!!


    • Brett Walenz

      Brett Walenz - 2008-02-12

      I'll take a look at this, it's possible there is something going on in the library.


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