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Chen Liu
  • Chen Liu

    Chen Liu - 2008-01-21

    Hi, everybody,
    I have run the However, I don't know well enough about how I can make a query expansion through the jwnl? And the biggest problem for me is:

    if I input a keyword(such as computer), I wanna give a synset from the jwnl which may enrich my query string so that I can do the next work further. Besides that, how I can give the keywords generated by jwnl(such as micro-computer,calculator, reckoner, figurer, estimator) and transfer them into another program?

    I am urgent to give some advice or help! Pls! Thanks a lot!


    I am looking forward to your repley and help!

    • Brett Walenz

      Brett Walenz - 2008-01-22

      I am not exactly certain as to the question you are asking, however as to the first part (query expansion):

      If you look at the Synset API, you can get the various pointers the synset has by using:

      Pointer[] getPointers()

      Additionally, you can use the PointerUtils class to obtain specific pointer types, such as entailments, hypernyms, hyponyms, etc. That should give you a broader base of 'words' that are related to the synset.

      For the second part of your question, transferring to another program, I would need more information to answer that. If you are operating within the same java program, it should be relatively straightforward. If you are operating between java and another language it will be more difficult.


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