JWNL setup in Eclipse

  • sdsdsd

    sdsdsd - 2009-07-27

    Hello, I am new to JWNL. I have downloaded the jar files and added to my project's Build Path in Eclipse. What is the next step? What 'import' statement do I need to use in order to get access to the class methods. For a given word, I need to get the singular or the plural of that word. Any help woul be appreciated.

    • Ryan Nickell

      Ryan Nickell - 2009-07-30

      Before anything, install WordNet and see if wn (from the command line) lets you do what you want it to.  It doesn't look like it though:


      WordNet stems its query words to singular form using its own word stem function, but the function is only one-way.  In other words, there's no WordNet function that can take "child" and return "children", and due to the way it works if there was one then it would return a lot of nonsensical results like "childes".

    • sdsdsd

      sdsdsd - 2009-07-31

      Thank you so much. : )


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