Derivationally Related Forms

  • johnuga

    johnuga - 2006-02-20

    I am working on the jwnl13 java API. I am not able access the derived forms. For example derived forms of the word writer are write, authorial, authorship, author etc.. It
    giving null pointer exception when I do the following:

    I am trying to find relationship between the words writer and write. Following below is the call I am making in the code,
    RelationshipList list = RelationshipFinder.getInstance
    ().findRelationships(start.getSense(1), end.getSense(1),

    I think I am doing it right and I think that the older version do not have this method implemented.
    I was wondering whether this version jwnl13 had methods implemented for accessing derived forms. If not, can you please send me the latest code.

    Thank you in advance. I appreciate for your time and consideration.

    • ravana_ravana

      ravana_ravana - 2006-08-04

      Hi ..have u got ne soln to the topic??


      PointerTargetNodeList derivedForm = PointerUtils.getInstance().getDerived(word.getSense(1));
              System.out.println("Derived forms  of \"" + word.getLemma() + "\":"+derivedForm.size());


      or even if i try to do this :


      RelationshipList list = RelationshipFinder.getInstance().findRelationships(INVENT.getSense(1), INVENTOR.getSense(1), PointerType.DERIVED);


      i m getting list size=0;

      neone can help?

    • Vanessa Lopez

      Vanessa Lopez - 2009-05-28

      Hi, I have the same problem with the derivationally related forms, I am using the last version. Has anybody solve the problem?



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