JWNL Dictionary Serialization

  • Kai M. Hoever

    Kai M. Hoever - 2007-06-07


    I'm trying to use serialized maps of WordNet. I was able to serialize sucessfully, but unfortunately I got an error message while executing the JWNL-Example:
    net.didion.jwnl.JWNLException: Unable to install net.didion.jwnl.dictionary.MapBackedDictionary

    Thanks in advance for any help or hints,

    • Kai M. Hoever

      Kai M. Hoever - 2007-06-07


      I could solve the problem by myself. I used Wortnet 3.0 but you have to use Wordnet 2.0.
      I hope I could help someone having the same problem.

      Cheers, Kai

    • hatsune

      hatsune - 2008-05-26


      I'm very new to JWNL. And I keep getting the following error when I run ExamplesTest.java

      Unable to install net.didion.jwnl.dictionary.FileBackedDictionary

      I've changed the dictionary path in file_properties.xml but still got the same error.
      Can you please advice me where I'm getting wrong?

      Any single advice would be appreciated.
      Thanks in Adv.,

    • Gamard Stephane

      Gamard Stephane - 2008-07-15

      Thank you Kai for the insight. I just ran into the same problem. Prolly a bug/problem of the 1.4 rc2 ?

    • Gamard Stephane

      Gamard Stephane - 2008-07-15

      Ouch, I just realized that WN 2.0 is not available as a download anymore. Could someone either provide a WN-2.0 DL (at least the map files) ?


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