how to access the most general verb classes

  • Michael Wiegand

    Michael Wiegand - 2006-05-29

    I am currently testing JWNL but I cannot access the most general verb class of a synset. In the literature of WordNet I have more than once come across the following set of classes:

    First, I assumed that I would find the class of a specific verb synset by traversing the entire hypernym-tree of a synset. Unfortunately, the synsets representing the top-level hypernyms are grainier and do not correspond to these 14 classes.

    Can anyone tell me how I can access these verb classes in JWNL?

    Thank you in advance!

    Michael Wiegand

    • Lawrence

      Lawrence - 2006-05-31

      I do not know how to use JWNL to deal with your problem. However, i have another solution. If you are using Wordnet 2.0, go to \dict\verb.dat and open it with a text editor. If u're using wordnet 2.1, go to \dict\data.verb.

      The text file contains several columns. 1st column is the offset, 2nd column is the general verb class index, and the 5th column is the word.

      So after getting the synset of a word, get its offset:
             long offSet = synset.getOffset();

      Then based form the offSet u can know the general verb class index because a certain range of the offset corresponds to a certain general verb class index. 1740~106353 corresponds to index (29) or VERB.BODY. (btw, the range i used applies only for wordnet 2.0, the range is different for 2.1). So you just need to determine what range corresponds to what general verb class. Hope this helps.


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